Roth | McFarlane Shoulder Surgery Program

Surgeons at the Roth | McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre offer comprehensive care to individuals with acute or chronic shoulder disorders. This includes the treatment of fractures, dislocations, sports injuries, and pediatric shoulder injuries. We also offer operations for the reconstruction of the rotator cuff, all types of shoulder joint replacement, and reconstruction for neurologic injuries affecting the shoulder girdle.

Education of health care professionals is an important responsibility of the surgeons at the Roth | McFarlane Centre. During the course of your treatment it is likely that you will be exposed to medical students, residents, clinical fellows, and surgeon observers who are receiving training under our supervision. In addition, we provide continuing medical education for shoulder surgeons in our Surgical Skills Laboratory.

Our team has been engaged in novel research for the treatment of disorders of the shoulder. We have developed a motion simulator that allows us to understand the impact of numerous disorders on the function of the shoulder. The simulator also provides us an opportunity to evaluate the effects of new shoulder treatments in a laboratory setting before we proceed to performing these procedures on patients. We have also developed a computerized navigation system that assists with the implantation of a shoulder joint replacement. Associated with navigation, we are testing and developing robots for robotic-assisted surgery in our Mechatronic Laboratory. In our Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory, we are examining factors that play a role in soft tissue healing in both normal and abnormal shoulders. We hope that this eventually may lead to the development of a new treatment for disorders such as frozen shoulder syndrome. Our final area of research is in measuring the outcomes of treatments that we have provided to our patients. These assessments are performed in our clinical research laboratory, and you may be asked to participate in various clinical research projects we have underway.

The HULC surgeons with a primary interest in shoulder surgery are: Dr. Faber, Dr. Drosdowech, Dr. Lebel and Dr. Athwal.