HULC Hand Surgery Program

The hand surgery program at HULC is the most comprehensive in Southwestern Ontario. HULC surgeons treat a wide variety of hand disorders, including tumors, nerve compression disorders, arthritis, Dupuytren's contracture and post-traumatic disorders. There is extensive expertise in the treatment of acute conditions such as upper limb and finger replantations, infections, tendon and nerve lacerations, and fractures and dislocations. HULC surgeons provide a local, regional and provincial resource for these acute conditions and also consult colleagues on a national level for secondary reconstruction of complex hand disorders. The hand surgery research program at HULC is well-known nationally and internationally. Clinical outcomes research has led to the development of patient-rated evaluation tools that are now used all over the world. The basic research on the molecular mechanisms of Dupuytren's contracture, a fibrosing condition of the hand is uncovering similarities to other conditions such as hypertrophic scarring, frozen shoulder syndrome and others, making it possible to envision, for the first time, a non-surgical treatment alternative for these conditions. The HULC unit trains post-residency fellows who want to develop a specialized practice in hand and upper extremity surgery. Alumni of this program practice their craft worldwide.

If you have a hand problem and are not a patient of one of our physicians, please see your family doctor for assessment. Your family doctor can make a referral to one of the Hand and Upper Limb surgeons, if necessary. Please note that, due to overwhelming demand, our surgeons are forced to prioritize new referrals. Waiting times for each problem vary. A long wait time does not indicate that your problem is not important, but reflects the high demand on our services.

Although all members of the HULC group perform surgery of the hand, the members who have a primary interest in hand surgery are: Dr. James Roth, Dr. Dr. Douglas Ross, Dr. Bob Richards, Dr. Ken Faber, Dr. Bing Siang Gan, Dr. Claire Temple, and Dr. Ruby Grewal.