HULC Hand Therapy Program

What we do:
The Hand and Upper Limb Centre provides treatment to people from all over Southwestern Ontario and beyond. The HULC Hand Therapy program is an important and integral part of our approach to rehabilitation of the upper extremity. Here are some of the things the therapists at HULC do:

Rehabilitation following:
shoulder and elbow replacements
finger reattachments
microsurgical tissue transfers
brachial plexus and nerve reconstruction
assessment and treatment of chronic injuries
treatment for repetitive conditions
fracture management
advanced splinting
ongoing basic and clinical research
education of health care professionals

A Hand Therapy Model:
Both Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists make up the therapy team at the Hand and Upper Limb Centre. The therapists receive special training in hand therapy and work within a hand therapy framework. This framework allows for cross-training between the two professions so that patient treatment will be similar regardless of the treating therapist. Working within this framework allows patients to be followed by a single therapist throughout their course of treatment regardless of their needs.

Specialized Therapy:
The therapists at the Hand and Upper Limb Centre focus solely on treating individuals with upper extremity conditions. Each therapy program is individualized and tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient.

Advanced Splinting:
The therapists at the Hand and Upper Limb Centre are trained to perform some of the most advanced splinting techniques available. These splinting techniques are often a vital component of therapy when treating the upper extremity.

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