King Elbow arthroscopy


HULC Elbow Surgery Program

Our group provides comprehensive care to patients with both acute and chronic elbow disorders. We are a local, regional and provincial resource for patients who sustain traumatic elbow injuries such as fractures and dislocations of the elbow. Our group has pioneered a number of novel surgical techniques in the management of these injuries. This has included the development of the Evolve Radial Head Arthroplasty for the treatment of comminuted radial head fractures. This implant was developed in collaboration with industry and the Hand and Upper Limb Center Bioengineering Laboratory. This prosthesis is currently the most commonly used radial head arthroplasty in the world. Our group has developed techniques for arthroscopically assisted fracture treatment as well as more reliable methods of ligament repair. A new partial elbow replacement, a distal humeral hemiarthroplasty, has recently been developed to simplify the management of severe elbow fractures in older patients with poor bone quality.

In addition to our role as a major centre for traumatic elbow injuries, our group is a local, regional, provincial and national referral centre for reconstructive elbow surgery. We have pioneered surgical techniques to manage post-traumatic and arthritic elbow stiffness using minimally invasive arthroscopic elbow surgery (see pciture above). Sports injuries such as tennis elbow are also frequently managed using arthroscopic surgery. Ligament reconstruction for instability following elbow injuries and in athletes has been a focused area of research and clinical care. A number of simplified techniques of ligament reconstruction have been developed and employed by our group. Elbow arthritis, both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are also frequently treated using state of the art arthroscopic techniques. In collaboration with industry a more advanced design of total elbow arthroplasty has been developed and is now in use for end-stage arthritis. This device is indicated for 'higher demand' patients due to its improved wear properties and its precise surgical reconstruction of elbow anatomy with and artificial joint.

If you have an elbow problem and are not a patient of one of our physicians, please see your family doctor for assessment. Your family doctor can make a referral to one of the Hand and Upper Limb surgeons, if necessary. Please note that, due to overwhelming demand, our surgeons are forced to prioritize new referrals. Waiting times for each problem vary. A long wait time does not indicate that your problem is not important, but reflects the high demand on our services.

The members of the HULC Group who have a primary interest in elbow surgery are: Dr. Graham King, Dr. Ken Faber, Dr. Darren Drosdowech, Dr. George Athwal and Dr. Ruby Grewal.