Roth | McFarlane Education Programs

The Hand and Upper Limb Centre is one of the pinnacle programs of the Department of Surgery at Western University. Currently 8 orthopaedic surgeons, 4 plastic surgeons and 4 full-time PhD basic scientists teach in the Unit. All Faculty have teaching appointments in the Department of Surgery and/or appropriate cross-appointments to basic science Departments at Western University.

Roth | McFarlane provides clerkship teaching to undergraduate medical students in the disciplines of Orthopaedic Surgery and Plastic Surgery, and elective clinical rotations for Canadian students of accredited medical schools.

Additionally, the unit is central in teaching upper limb surgery to residents in the Western Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery teaching programs. The Roth | McFarlane Centre accepts annually a maximum of 5 post-residency Fellows, who wish to pursue advanced training in tertiary and quaternary upper limb surgery.

The four basic laboratories at RM-HULC focus on Clinical Outcomes Research, BioEngineering Research, Cell and Molecular Biology Research and Surgical Mechanotronics. The labs are involved in undergraduate and graduate (MSc and PhD level) scientific training and undergraduate 400-level HBSc laboratory research.