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HULC Emergency Resident Rotation

The Hand and Upper Limb Centre offers a rotation to Emergency Medicine Residents who are enrolled in either a 5-year Royal College Emergency Medicine Residency or in the CCFP-ER third year of an Emergency Residency Program. The HULC rotation emphasizes first-line triage, and management of upper extremity emrgent and urgent cases as well as the management of other musculoskeletal post-operative problems. The Emergency Residents are placed in a position of potential great autonomy by taking first call for the HULC unit during day hours with back-up from core residents and staff. The Emergency Resident is almost totally freed up from operating room and ward duties, unless the Resident expresses a specific interest in attending surgery.

More information regarding this rotation can be obtained here. For reasons of confidentiality, this is a password protected area that is accessible using a UWO ID and password.