Western University


Paediatric Laser Program


There are many children who are born with or who develop abnormal skin lesions that are collectively called vascular anomalies or vascular birthmarks.  Port Wine StainThese conditions include hemangiomas (picture above), capillary malformations (commonly called port wine stains, picture left and below right), and venous malformations.  As a group, they are quite common and can be a challenge to treat.  In recent years,  cutaneous laser treatment has become available for children with vascular anomalies.Port Wine Stain




The Division of Plastic Surgery at The University of Western Ontario has recently acquired new laser equipment specifically for paediatric laser treatment for a wide range of vascular conditions.  These new lasers include an Nd:YAG and a pulsed-dye laser, which are ideal lasers in treating vascular lesions.  Both types of lasers are specific for the treatment of the superficial components of these vascular birthmarks and complete resolution is often achieved with multiple treatments spaced a few months apart.

Dr. Arjang Yazdani directs this laser service.  Dr. Yazdani received his laser training at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.  The University of Western Ontario is one of only a few academic centres in the country offering this service and we are proud to be able to offer this unique expertise to the people of South Western Ontario.  Referrals can be made to the office of Dr. Arjang Yazdani at: 519-685-8322.