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Undergraduate Elective Program


The Undergraduate Medical Student Elective Program is part of the Western University Clinical Clerkship Training Program in Plastic Surgery. The coordinator of this program is Dr. Chris Scilley. The coordinator of all Surgical Clerkship Electives in the Department of Surgery is Ms. Liz Radford, who can be reached through the main administrative office of the Western University Department of Surgery, Office of Surgical Education.

Medical students from Canadian Medical Schools who are interested in a clinical elective in the Division of Plastic Surgery at Western can find further information, including application forms, on this site (page will display in new window).

Objectives for the Clerkship in Plastic Surgery can be found here (page will display in new window).

For medical students accepted into the Program, more details on the structure of the program can be found here and for a blank evalaution form to be kept on file for CaRMS interviews click here.



Observerships must be arranged by contacting the consultant's offices directly. A list of faculty and their contact information is found here. For Observer policies and request form, click here.