Sport Western

Campers to Counsellors - Matt "Gator"

Moving on to a counsellor who is still a big kid at heart… Matt! Most of you will remember Matt as “Gator”- why is that his nickname? No one knows! Gator was a camper at Sport Western when he was a kid, and his absolute favourite memory was playing basketball ‘tweedy bird’! 

As he’s grown, Gator fondly remembers Sport Western, and now that he is a counsellor, his favourite part is seeing how his campers grow and make friends! Gator believes that camp is one of the best experiences a person can have- you can truly create lifelong friendships!

Gator loves coming back to Sport Western because he recognizes that the camp holds a very high standard for its counsellors. Gator has tons of fun at work with the campers and with the staff who are always working above and beyond our expectations!

If Gator had the chance to be a camp counsellor for one specific camp… he would pick Multi-Sport. It gives everyone an opportunity to try many sports, and allows for a lot of fun to be shared!

If you asked Gator if he could go anywhere in the world, he would pick Africa- Gator desperately wants to go on a safari to see all of his favourite animals in their natural habitat. But if you want to see Gator in his natural habitat… come to Sport Western! Gator says that if he could only eat one single food for the rest of his life- it would be tacos! Guess you’ll find Gator in Africa eating tacos and playing every sport!

Thanks for coming back year after year- our team would truly not be the same without you! Your boundless energy and enthusiasm always brightens up everyone’s day- whether it be a camper, parent or staff!