Sport Western

Campers to Counsellors - Matt

Next up we have Matt! Matt’s favourite memory as a camper was scoring his first ever goal during the Friday game at hockey camp—he was only 6! As a counsellor, he loves being able to do the same kinds of activities with the kids that he once did as a camper. 

Matt loves coming back to Sport Western because there are always a great group of kids and staff who try really hard to make every camper’s week the highlight of their summer! He also enjoys being active and playing sports so Sport Western is a place that could never get old for him!

Matt’s role model is Santa. Matt looks up to Santa because he works all year round while merely asking for milk and cookies in return! Plus… Matt really admires Santa’s awesome beard. 

If Matt had the choice of being any superhero he wanted, he would choose Superman. Matt loves that Superman has every kind of power you could imagine… and as long as he stays away from kryptonite is unstoppable! 

If you ever want to bring Matt a slice of pizza, make sure it has as MUCH cheese and meat as possible!! And definitely NO mushrooms!

Thank you for choosing to come back to us still Matt! You are a valuable member of our team and we cannot wait for another fun summer with you here!