Sport Western

Campers to Counsellors - Goose

We are excited to share the profiles of a few current counselors who also spent time as campers at Sport Western! We will kick things off with one of our beloved returning staff, Katelyn Gosling… or as many of you probably know her, “Goose”!

Goose’s favourite memory as a camper was learning to play new activities and sports she did not have the opportunity to play at school. This 5 year returning veteran is continually drawn to Sport Western because of the variety of activities offered and fun people she gets to see and work with every day.

Her favourite memory as a counsellor has been watching the campers leave after a remarkable day or week at camp. All the while knowing that she was able to help create fun and lasting memories for them.

Goose’s role model is her mom. Goose is always impressed with how hard her mom works and feels inspired to be a better person because of her.

If Goose could be any animal—besides a real Goose of course—she would love to be a monkey because she thinks they are hilarious and full of energy. If you ever run into Goose at an ice cream shop, you will probably see her eating “Half-Baked Ben and Jerry’s” or any sort of fruit flavour!

Thanks for all the wonderful work you have done and continue to do for us Goose, our staff team would not be the same without you!