Sport Western

Zero Tolerance for Bullying

Sport Western prides its self on being committed to promoting and implementing an inclusive, diverse and safe camp experience to all campers. As a result, Sport Western has taken action to endorse a Zero Tolerance to Bullying Policy.

Every camper has the right to feel safe and welcomed at Sport Western, because of this there will be zero tolerance to any physical, verbal, emotional, abuse and/or bullying towards another camper. Any form of intimidation, putdowns, or situations that create discomfort towards any camper will have disciplinary measures.

Sport Western vows to respond immediately to any issues brought to our attention that involved an act of bullying. We as role models at Sport Western, will model and discuss the importance of positive relationships

We as staff at Sport Western will do our part to discuss the impact of bullying and the importance of positive relationships, however we do ask that parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss this matter with their children prior to camp.

Any actions that result in an act of bullying will not be tolerated and therefore disciplinary actions will be pending. Sport Western will discuss with parent(s)/guardian(s). However, please note if your child is asked to leave camp for an allocated amount of time, there will absolutely be no refunds for any missed days.