Sport Western

"Hands-Off" Policy

Sport Western is dedicated to promoting and implementing a safe, secure and welcoming camp environment to all. To endorse this goal, Sport Western has implemented a “Hands- Off” Policy to ensure the safety of all campers.

Sport Western aims to introduce this policy to help achieve our goal of a violence free camp. This Zero Tolerance policy, will result in the offending camper(s) to submit to the consequences of their counsellor, camp coordinator, parents and/or guardians. As this is a Zero Tolerance Policy, consequences can result is the suspension or termination of their time at Sport Western for the entirety of the camp program.

All campers are required to participate and engage in the “Hands-Off” policy during camp at Sport Western.  Examples of actions that will not be tolerated are as follows:


We ask all parents/guardians to help communicate this message to their children to help them prepare for camp. Please note, there will be absolutely no refunds for any days missed if the camper engaged in any violent behaviour.