Sport Western

Camp Ready Checklist


In compliance with our Code of Conduct, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) please ensure your camper meets the requirements of our Camp Ready Checklist.

According to the Child Development Institute (CDI), each child develops at their own pace. Being “camp ready” means that your child is able to understand behaviours and actions that are reasonably expected of a camper at that age. It is extremely important to ensure that your child is “camp ready” before arriving at camp. Your child must be capable of:

  1. Can go to the washroom on their own with no hands-on assistance.
  2. Can change on their own.
  3. Can apply sunscreen on their own.
  4. Able to respond to their name.
  5. Able to respond to camp counsellors and fellow campers.
  6. Able to carry their own equipment/belongings for the day

* It is also our expectation that all campers attending Sport Western are adequately toilet-trained. Although counsellors will always escort children to washroom facilities before, after, and during activities (if necessary), they will not be expected to provide hands-on assistance.