Sport Western


The majority of summer camps include a half-hour recreational swim (based on operational availability).

AM Camps: Monday, Wednesday
PM Camps: Tuesday, Thursday
Full-day Camps: Everyday
Exceptions: University Prospects Volleyball & Week 9 Hockey Camps DO NOT SWIM. 

Camp Swims divide Western University’s 50m pool into a 10m shallow area that is 1.35m (4.4 ft) deep, and a 15m deep area that is 3.4m (11.15 ft) deep. The temperature of the pool is kept at 83 °F.

All camp swims are supervised, 30 minute periods. For every 30 campers in the pool, there is 1 lifeguard. In addition, there is a 1:6 ratio of junior campers (ages 4-7) to counsellors in the pool, and a 1:10 ratio of senior campers (ages 8-11) to counsellors in the pool at all times.

Swim Test

In order to participate in camp swims, all campers will be required to pass a swim test on the first designated swim-day. They will swim the width of the shallow-end of pool (20m) on their belly, preferably with their face in the water the entire time but must demonstrate comfort with their face in the water at least once – and without complete exhaustion. Counsellors are present in the water to supervise and assist if necessary. 

Any camper who does not pass the test will be required to wear a life jacket, regardless of whether he/she has passed any swimming levels. Whether a child passes a swim test is at the sole discretion of the trained lifeguard on duty. When the camper is dropped off on their first day please confirm life jacket requirements with his/her counsellor.

If you would prefer that your child wear a life jacket at all times, please indicate so during online registration or on the registration form.

*Please Note: Pool side activities will be provided and supervised should a camper decide not to swim on a given day.