Sport Western


All campers registered for a FULL DAY OR combined AM & PM camp will participate in a supervised lunch period at the Thompson Arena. Campers have the option of bringing their own lunch or you can pre-register them for a Sport Western lunch plan offered by food services.
 We also strongly recommend packing snack items for all campers, as there is an AM and PM snack break scheduled. 


A full lunch service for an additional charge, is available to Sport Western campers on a daily basis at Thompson Arena.  This service is only available to campers who are enrolled in a FULL DAY or a combined AM & PM camp. Each lunch includes a main course item, a choice of snack, and a drink. We are proud to announce that healthy snack options and beverages will accompany every meal this summer!
Monday Mac & Cheese    
Tuesday      All Beef Hot Dog OR Veggie Dog
Wednesday Chicken Fingers OR Veggie Sub
Thursday Grilled Chicken on a Bun OR Veggie Burger
Friday      PIZZA

The cost for the lunch plan is $50 + HST per week or $40 + HST for a 4-day week. If selected you must commit to the lunch service for the length of the camp week.
*We strongly advise that campers opt into the lunch plan if you will NOT be packing a lunch for your children. campers will not be permitted to purchase food items outside of the lunch plan.


Sport Western is a Nut Safe Zone, however the Thompson Arena is a public location. All campers will eat in a designated area. We request that campers do not bring any foods that contain peanuts (e.g. peanut butter, chocolate bars containing peanuts, etc.). We are unable control all of the foods and odours that campers may be exposed to at camp, although our counsellors do pay close attention to any allergies/medical concerns identified during the registration process. If your child has any food allergies we ask that you note this during online registration or on child’s registration form. We will make every attempt to accommodate their needs.

Nut-Free Policy

  • We do not provide any foods that contain nuts or nut products. Food provided by Western Hospitality Services is not made in a nut-free facility.

    We do not allow the sharing of food among campers in order to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

    We do not allow any food with nuts to enter our camp facilities. If nut products are found, they will be confiscated by camp counsellors and returned to campers in the presence of their parent or guardian at sign out.

    We do not allow any sunscreen/ creams that contain traces of nuts and/or peanut products. If found, these will be confiscated and returned to campers in the presence of their parent or guardian at sign out.

    Please Note: Although we have a nut-free policy at Sport Western, we cannot guarentee that our facilities are nut-free.