Sport Western

Camper Safety

You place your trust in us and Sport Western is dedicated to ensuring that your camper has a FUN and SAFE summer!  Please click on the links below for more information on how we put the safety of your camper first!


  • If your camper has an allergy, we will make every attempt to accommodate your campers needs. However, we are unable control all of the factors, such as food or environment, that campers may be exposed to at camp. Please CLICK HERE for more information on allergies at camp, and CLICK HERE for more information on food allergies.

Administering Medications

  •  If your child needs medication, please indicate this on the registration form. It is extremely important to disclose any medication that your child may need to bring with them to camp. Please CLICK HERE for more information on how Sport Western administers, stores, and supervises perscription medication.


  • Attendance is taken at many points throughout the day. Attendance is taken at sign in and sign out, before and after lunch, before and after swim, during transitions from AM to PM camps, and at various points throughout the day according to the counsellors discretion.

Camp Counsellors

  • Safety is ensured by our well trained, knowledgeable staff. Counsellors are certified in first aid, and cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation (CPR). CLICK HERE for more information on our incredible staff team! 

Code of Behaviour

  • To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all campers, Sport Western implements its own Code of Behaviour for campers, staff, and parents. Please CLICK HERE to review our Codes of Behaviour.


  • Each camp carries a walkie talkie with them throughout the day. This allows camp administration and staff to communicate important information quickly and effectively.

Head Counts

  • Our camp counsellors conduct head counts throughout the day to ensure that each and every camper is accounted for. Head counts involve counting the number of campers present, and referencing this against the camp attendance of who is present on that particular day. For example, head counts are done anytime a camp is changing locations, before and after swim time, during snack time, and many more!

Medical Form

  • All campers are required to have a medical questionnaire  filled out during online registration before they arrive to camp.  We understand that some parents may be hesitant to disclose information about their child’s behaviour or medical history, however, we use the information to ensure that your child has the best possible experience. Please CLICK HERE for more information on special need, medications, and to access our mediacation form: Sport Westerns’ Authorization for Administration/Storage/Supervision of Prescription Medication.

No Lice No Nits

  • To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all campers and staff, Sport Western ENFORCES A NO HEAD LICE POLICY.

  • Please ensure that your camper is checked for head lice prior to their arrival at Sport Western.

      1. Look for frequent itching and sores on the scalp from scratching,
      2. Nits (eggs that are laid by a female louse), nits are grayish-white, tan or yellow. some can be the same colour as hair, making them difficult to see. They are about the size of a pinhead and are often found along the forehead, back of the head and behind the ears and are within 1 cm of the scalp, and they are firmly attached to the hair shaft.
      3. Adult lice are the size of a sesame seed and are tan to grayish-white in colour. They may look darker in people with dark hair.


    If you suspect that your child has head lice prior to the beginning of camp, please notify Sport Western immediately.

      1. Cancellation notices 72 hours prior to the start of camp will be offered a 50% refund with medical proof.
      2. Less than 72 hours prior to the start of camp will not be offered a refund.
      3. In lieu of a refund, campers may attend another camp at a later date pending availability in the camp.


    If any camper is suspected to have lice:

      1. They will be immediately removed from camp and referred to a camp counsellor for further inspection.
      2. The parents/emergency contact will be contacted to pick up the child from camp.
      3. Campers may be re-admitted to camp upon successful treatment.
      4. If one child in the camp is found to have head lice, all other parents will be notified the same day.
      5. No refund will be offered.

    Please view the Middlesex-London Health Unit for further information regarding head lice:

Pick up and Drop off

  • To ensure the safety of each one of our campers, all authorized pick-up persons must have valid Photo ID to sign-out campers. Valid Photo ID is required for pick up EVERY DAY. CLICK HERE for more information on our pick up and drop off procedures.


  • Here at Sport Western we utilize the following ratios: 1 counsellor for every 6 campers in our junior camps (Ages 4-7) & 1 counsellor for every 10 campers in our senior camps (Ages 8+).

Road Crossing

  • Our staff are trained in 3 person road crossings. 2 staff block traffic on the road/laneway/path, and one staff leads the campers once the other 2 staff have deemed road/laneway/path safe to cross. 

Sun Safety

  • Western’s camps do not provide sunscreen for campers. We encourage campers to carry their own sunscreen with a SPF value of 30+. Sunscreen should be applied at least every 2 hours in an outdoor environment.

  • We recommend that campers wear sun-protective items to prevent unnecessary exposure of skin to the sun: long pants, long-sleeved shirts, light colours, wearing hats with a broad rim, and wearing UV protected sunglasses. Campers are encouraged to carry a labeled and re-useable water bottle to ensure they stay hydrated.If a heat warning is issued by the London - Middlesex Health Unit, the following precautions will be taken:

  • Modifying activities.
  • More frequent water breaks.
  • Switching to indoor activities.
  • Please view the Middlesex-London Health Unit for further information regarding sun safety:


All camp swims are supervised by NLS Certified lifeguards and First-Aid/CPR trained camp staff. Lifeguards supervise swim times, and Sport Western Staff are in the pool at the same time as the campers. There is a 1:6 ratio of junior campers (ages 4-7) to counsellors in the pool, and a 1:10 ratio of senior campers (ages 8-11) to counsellors in the pool at all times. Additionally, All campers are required to pass a swim test or wear a life jacket. For more information on pool safety and our swim test CLICK HERE.