Sport Western

Camp Information Questions

Is lunch provided?

For the summer of 2022 lunch will not be provided. We request that all campers bring a packed lunch with them as they will not have the opportunity to leave the building to purchase lunch. We also recommend packing extra snacks for the morning and afternoon breaks as well as plenty of drinks for the day.

Does my child's camp swim during the day?

The majority of summer camps include a 30-40 min recreational swim (based on operational availability).

Full-day Camps: Everyday
Exceptions: University Prospects Volleyball & Soccer Camp will not swim every day.

Camp Swims divide Western University’s 50m pool into a 10m shallow area that is 1.35m (4.4 ft) deep, and a 15m deep area that is 3.4m (11.15 ft) deep. The temperature of the pool is kept at 83 °F.

All camp swims are supervised by NLS Certified lifeguards and First-Aid/CPR trained camp staff. For every 30 campers in the pool, there is 1 lifeguard. In addition, there is a 1:6 ratio of junior campers (ages 5-7) to counsellors in the pool, and a 1:8 ratio of senior campers (ages 8-11) to counsellors in the pool area at all times.

Swim Test

In order to participate in camp swims, all campers will be required to pass a swim test on the first designated swim-day. They will swim the width of the shallow-end of pool (20m) on their belly, preferably with their face in the water the entire time but must demonstrate comfort with their face in the water at least once – and without complete exhaustion. Counsellors are present in the water to supervise and assist if necessary. 

Any camper who does not pass the test will be required to wear a life jacket, regardless of whether he/she has passed any swimming levels. Whether a child passes a swim test is at the sole discretion of the trained lifeguard on duty. When the camper is dropped off on their first day please confirm life jacket requirements with his/her counsellor.

If you would prefer that your child wear a life jacket at all times, please indicate so during online registration or on the registration form.

*Please Note: Pool side activities will be provided and supervised should a camper decide not to swim on a given day.

Can Sport Western accommodate my child with special needs?

Sport Western is committed to the inclusion of all campers. If your child requires additional support in order to attend camp, please e-mail or contact us at 519.661.2007 prior to completing registration.

We are dedicated to providing all campers with an environment that will encourage social and physical development and must ensure that staffing resources are sufficient to accomplish this goal. Occasionally, additional support outside of our camp staff is required and our camp coordinator may request that you provide this support.

If accommodations are deemed sufficient to ensure a safe and enjoyable camp experience you will be asked to proceed with the registration process indicating their needs during online registration or on the registration form.

Can camp instructors administer medication for my child?

Allergies: If your child has any allergies, in particular food allergies, we ask that you to please note this during online registration or on your child’s registration form. We will make every attempt to accommodate their needs. However, we are unable control all of the factors, such as food or environment, that campers may be exposed to at camp. Our counselors will pay close attention to any allergies/medical concerns identified during the registration process. Please identify any allergies/medical concerns

Medication: If your child needs medication, please indicate this on the registration form. It is extremely important to disclose any medication that your child may need to bring with them to camp (epipens, inhalers, prescriptions etc.). Any camper requiring medication will be required to fill out Sport Westerns’ Authorization for Administration/Storage/Supervision of Prescription Medication

What measures are taken to ensure my child's safety?

  • Attendance is taken at many points throughout the day. Attendance is taken at sign in and sign out, before and after lunch, before and after swim, during transitions from camps, and at various points throughout the day according to the counsellors’ discretion.
  • Safety is ensured by our well trained, knowledgeable staff. Counsellors are certified in first aid, and cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation (CPR). Background checks are also completed on each of our staff members.
  • Each camp carries a walkie talkie with them throughout the day. This allows camp administration and staff to communicate important information quickly and effectively.
  • Our staff are trained in 3-person road crossings. 2 staff block traffic on the road/laneway/path, and one staff leads the campers once the other 2 staff have deemed road/laneway/path safe to cross. 
  • Western’s camps do not provide sunscreen for campers.We encourage campers to carry their own sunscreen with a SPF value of 50+. Sunscreen should be applied at least every 2 hours in an outdoor environment. We recommend that campers wear sun-protective items to prevent unnecessary exposure of skin to the sun: long pants, long-sleeved shirts, light colours, wearing hats with a broad rim, and wearing UV protected sunglasses. Campers are encouraged to carry a labeled and re-useable water bottle to ensure they stay hydrated.If a heat warning is issued by the London - Middlesex Health Unit, the following precautions will be taken:
    • Modifying activities.
    • More frequent water breaks.
    • Switching to indoor activities.
    • Please view the Middlesex-London Health Unit for further information regarding sun safety:
  • Sport Western works very closely with the Western Special Constable Service which is a team of dedicated professionals that provide a safe and secure environment to community members and guests at Western University. Patrol officers and their supervisors are the campus equivalent to the London Police for the rest of the city.
  • Please review our Code of Conduct policies

How does the Pick up/Drop off process work?

For the safety and security of all campers, the camp drop-off and pick-up area will be located at the HURON FLATS PARKING LOT, in close proximity to the Western Student Recreation Centre.

Please visit to familiarize yourself with the HURON FLATS PARKING LOT (Lot S) location.

Drop-off (AM & FULL DAY campers): 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Pick-up (AM campers): 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM
Drop-off (PM campers): 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM
Pick-up (PM & FULL DAY campers): 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Campers will be supervised by Sport Western counsellors until their authorized pick-up person arrives.

To ensure the safety of each one of our campers, all authorized pick-up persons must have valid Photo ID to sign-out campers. Valid Photo ID is required for pick up EVERY DAY.

*Please note: You will not be allowed to sign out your camper if you do not produce a valid Photo ID, or you are not listed as an authorized pick-up person.

Do you offer early and later supervision programs?

We will not be offering early or late supervision programs for the summer of 2022.

What is your staff to child ratio?

At Sport Western we utilize the following ratios: 1 counsellor for every 6-8 campers in our junior camps (Ages 5-7) & 1 counsellor for every 8-10 campers in our senior camps (Ages 8+).