Sports Law Centre

Purposes and Functions

The purpose of the Sports Law Centre (SLC) is to develop collaborative research in Canadian sport law and to promote comparative studies through links with international organizations. The SLC will perform these functions by providing documentation and by engaging in research, publication and teaching. The initial goals of the SLC are to:

  1. establish a documentation and resource base for use by students, scholars, lawyers and the business community;
  2. engage in research and scholarship in the study of case law, statute law and public policy issues relating to sport and physical activity;
  3. enhance understanding of the legal dimensions of public policy issues such as sport violence, sport safety and equality rights in sport;
  4. promote public understanding of the application of Canadian law to sport and physical activity.

The SLC is the site for information, expertise and interdisciplinary studies and research serving students, lawyers, athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, sport associations and businesses, government and community groups. Initial projects of the Centre include:

  1. publishing a Newsletter dealing with current issues in Canadian sport law.
  2. preparing a Directory of Canadian sport lawyers, agents and other interested parties.
  3. collecting documents and materials relating to Canadian sport law and preparing databases for use in consultation and research.
  4. completing the third edition of Sports and the Law in Canada (J. Barnes) and preparing source materials for use in Canadian sport law courses.
  5. Hosting sport law conferences for scholars, the sports industry, sport administrators and legal professionals.
Research Initiatives Research Initiatives

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