Actuarial Science

Actuarial Sciences: finsurance, longevity risk, multi-state models, ruin theory, risk theory, reliability theory. 

Broadly speaking, this is the mathematics behind the insurance industry. Actuaries calculate the correct amount of premium to charge for life, car, or other forms of insurance and how to manage the risks inherent in managing an insurance company.  

If you are interested in graduate work in this research area, direct your application to the Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences.

  • Bruce Jones - Actuarial applications of multi-state models, applications of credibility theory, insured lives mortality.
  • Xiaoming Liu - Stochastic processes, finsurance, longevity risk.
  • Roge Mamon - Hidden markov models, options pricing, stochastic processes.
  • Mark Reesor - Computational finance, options pricing, legal financial risk, credit risk. (At Wilfrid Laurier University, but actively supervises Ph.D. students at Western.)
  • Jiandong Ren - Property and casualty insurance, risk management.
  • Kristina Sendova - Ruin theory, risk theory, actuarial applications of reliability theory.
  • David Stanford - Operations research for health care and forest fires, queueing theory, ruin theory.
  • Lars Stentoft - Computational finance, finance, financial econometrics , option pricing, Simulation methods,. (Joint with Economics.)
  • Ricardas Zitikis - Stochastic modelling in economics, actuarial science, time series analysis, stochastic processes.