Guaranteed Admissions Agreement with Education

The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences will provide the Faculty of Education with qualified graduates from its programs annually. 


Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Education Program, Intermediate/Senior:

  • Applicants must complete their programs of study by August 31 of the year in which they plan to begin the B.Ed. program. Degrees must be conferred no later than the fall of year one of the B.Ed. program.

  • Applicants must have successfully completed the equivalent of 10 full university courses at the time of application. Transfer credits from community colleges and CEGEP will not be accepted. Preference is given to applicants who have attained four-year degrees or completed the equivalent of 20 full courses.

  • Applicants must have a minimum average of 70% in their best 10 full undergraduate courses (or the equivalent) as well as a minimum average of 70% in their best 5 full undergraduate Mathematics or Statistics courses (or the equivalent). Courses taken in the year of application cannot be included in the calculation of the overall average or the Mathematics course average but will be counted in support of program requirements.

  • Eligible Courses:
    • All Department of Mathematics courses numbered 1000 and higher 
    • All Department of Statistical and Actuarial Science courses from this list

  • Applicants must also have completed the equivalent of at least 3 full courses, with a weighted average of 70%, to support a second teaching subject. The following second teaching subjects are expected to be available: Economics, English, Environmental Science, Family Studies, French, Geography, History, Law, Music(Instrumental), Music(Vocal), Philosophy, Political Science, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Physics, Social Science, and Religious Education (note that for either French or Religious Education as a second teaching subject, the equivalent of 5 full undergraduate courses is required). Additional subject areas may from time to time also be available. Potential applicants should refer to the Faculty of Education web site for a complete list.

  • Applicants must successfully complete EDUC 2200 Perspectives on Schooling. (This course may be in progress at the time of B.Ed. application, but must be completed before the B.Ed. begins)

Should you be interested in applying, please send an official transcript to the attention of Mira Grkavac at the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences in Middlesex College, Room 255, by September 30, 2022.


Effective: 2022