Wellness Education

    The Western Wellness Hub

    Launching January 2023, Wellness & Equity Education and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences are collaborating to establish a Recovery College at Western University to enhance mental health support for students.

    The Western Wellness Hub (Formerly Recovery College) is a unique mental health and well-being learning center where people with lived mental health experiences (i.e., experts by experience) come together to co-create, co-deliver, and discuss courses on topics that support mental health (e.g., skill building, recreational, vocational, etc.). The Wellness Hub is rooted in the principles of connection, self-identity, hope, meaning, and empowerment.

    During the fall term, a group of Western students came together to discuss topics that matter to them and affect their mental health on campus. Their discussions resulted in the creation of different interactive course materials.

    Join your peer students to learn, share your experiences and engage!

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    Navigating Change

    Date: Tuesdays 1-2pm, January 24 - March 7 (Online)

    Working through the lifestyle changes that university brings can be challenging and take a toll on our mental health. There are many barriers to navigate including building our identity, career uncertainties, relationships and more.

    This course has been designed based on feedback from your peers as to what is relevant to the current student experience. We welcome students in any year of study!

    What will we learn?
    We will learn how to navigate change and uncertainty with confidence and how to embrace it as an opportunity rather than something to avoid. We will validate each other, learn from others who experience similar challenges, and foster meaningful connections as we dive into stressful situations and uncomfortable feelings. 

    Week 1: Normalizing Change
    Week 2: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
    Week 3: Perfectionism: Done Not Perfect
    Week 4: Growing Through University
    Week 5: How to Pivot
    Week 6: College to Career

    Feel free to join all or even some of the topics that you are interested in.

    How to University 101

    Date: Mondays 1-2pm, February 27-April 3 (In-person)

    University life can bring many unexpected challenges - keeping up with school, managing high expectations, working through relationships, and getting by on your own, are all struggles we deal with as students. While these stressors can feel daunting, we are not powerless against them!

    What will we learn?
    We will explore a variety of areas that will help you thrive through your University experience. You will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, participate in thoughtful activities, and share your lived experiences, in a safe and supportive space. You will also have the opportunity to connect with and hear from other students who are experiencing similar challenges.

    Week 1: Take Back Your Time
    Week 2: Goal Setting: Reaching Your Mark
    Week 3: How To Save More Than Just Your Change
    Week 4: Relationship Glow-Ups
    Week 5: Putting Out Burnout
    Week 6: Thriving Not Surviving

    Feel free to join all or even some of the topics that you are interested in.


    “It was a beautiful community that was very welcoming- so I definitely had a sense of belonging. This program helped me to destress from home issues and school stress.”
    “I was able to contribute ideas that were meaningful to me and come up with solutions for problems that I have struggled with.”

    If you have any questions, please email wellness.edu@uwo.ca.

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    Wellness extends beyond just your physical well-being; wellness includes emotional well-being, financial well-being, sexual well-being, and more. Learn about all areas of wellness and how you can support your well-being at Western.