Supporting Your Wellness & Well-being at Western

    Coming soon: Recovery College 

    Launching Winter 2023, Wellness & Equity Education and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences are collaborating to establish a Recovery College at Western University to enhance mental health support for students.

    A Recovery College is a unique mental health and wellbeing learning center where people with lived mental health experiences (i.e., experts by experience), come together to co-create and co-deliver and discuss courses on topics that support mental health. (e.g., skill building, recreational, vocational, etc.). Recovery Colleges are rooted in the principles of connection, self-identity, hope, meaning, and empowerment. If you have questions about the Recovery College, please email

    “I've found Ontario Shores programming to be life-changing, and it means a lot to participate in creating something that could really improve someone's life.”

    Want to get involved with the Recovery College?

    Are you interested in influencing mental health & well-being programming at Western? Register for the Co-Design Course coming this fall 2022. The Co-Design course will be open to all Western students and will allow you to come together with your peers to brainstorm ideas for courses to be offered next term as part of the Recovery College at Western.


    Additional Wellness Education Resources:

    Wellness Wheel

    Wellness extends beyond just your physical well-being; wellness includes emotional well-being, financial well-being, sexual well-being, and more. Learn about all areas of wellness and how you can support your well-being at Western.