Programs, Training Sessions & Events

    Wellness and Equity Education offers a variety of programs, training sessions and events to help students thrive. Check back often to see what's happening and to see how you can get involved!

    Gender-Based and Sexual Violence (GBSV)

    To reshape a culture that normalizes and perpetuates gender-based and sexual violence, our education and training is approached from an intersectional, sex-positive, evidence-informed, contextual, and collaborative point of view. Find out how we can support you by exploring the various knowledge- and skills-based educational programs and training below. 

    Professional Development (PD) Workshops

    Our Gender-Based Violence Prevention Education Coordinators recognize the importance of tailored programming based on the needs of students, staff, and faculty across the University ecosystem. We facilitate custom-tailored PD Workshops on a per request basis to fit the needs of the campus community. Please contact us at if you are interested in discussing tailored programming.

    Upstander Training

    By participating in this program, students learn about the impacts of gender-based and sexual violence on individuals and communities and learn how to safely apply Upstander intervention skills to intervene in situations of gender-based and sexual violence.

    GBSV Response and Prevention Training for Students

    This hour-long online training module is designed to give first-year residence students a foundational understanding of gender-based and sexual violence as a societal issue and its impact on our community.

    Topics include:

    • discussion around rape culture
    • drug-facilitated sexual assault
    • consent and sexual coercion
    • desire and pleasure
    • Western's Policy on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence

    By participating, students will learn supportive ways to identify and respond to gender-based and sexual violence disclosures and know how to access support and resources.

    This online training is further supplemented by an in-person, skill-building component titled "Undressing Consent: A Pleasurable Approach to Learning About Consent, Rejection, and Sexual Violence", where students have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on consent, sexual violence, sexuality, and its impact on our community.


    A five-session discussion group designed for male-identifying students to help them find their voice and use it to create change for themselves and their community. Find out more about Man|Made.

    Pre-Departure/Post Experience Training

    Offered through Western International, International Pre-Departure and Post-Experience is an online training designed for all Western students participating in University sanctioned international experiences. The Gender Norms and Sexual Violence module of this training is intended to create awareness, critical thinking, and discussion around cultural gender norms and how these can contribute to the perpetuation of sexual violence. This online training can further be supplemented by an in-person, skill-building component where students have the opportunity to explore gender norms, consent, and bystander interventions in greater depth.

    Training for Varsity Athletes

    Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Training for Varsity Athletes

    Student athletes have an important role in the community, on and off campus, as role models and leaders to peers, fellow students, and community members. By participating in this program, student athletes will have the opportunity to develop increased knowledge around the foundational concepts relating to GBSV and how their actions, words and behaviours can impact others; develop essential leadership skills in how to stand up against GBSV; and to demonstrate what it means to be an active role model to the University community around the issues of GBSV both on campus and in the wider community.

    ReShaping Locker Room Talk

    Different from structured training on gender-based and sexual violence, this program facilitates ongoing discussion that engages student athletes in exploring topics vital to them as they relate to gender-based and sexual violence. The discussion opens up space for honest dialogue and planning on how they can reshape locker room talk and its environment to create safer spaces and prevent gender-based and sexual violence.

    Training for Teaching Assistants

    Teaching Assistant Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Training

    Teaching assistants have a unique role within the University community, as both a student and a member of the staff. This training is designed to educate teaching assistants on how to navigate and handle disclosures as both a peer and instructor, Western's Policy on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence and Notification of Disclosure Protocol, and where to access supports and resources.

    Training for Faculty, Staff, and Student Leaders

    Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Disclosure Training

    This training is designed to educate faculty, staff, and student leaders on Western's Policy on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence and Notification of Disclosure Protocol and their roles and responsibilities for receiving and reporting a disclosure.

    ReShape Series 

    A list of current and past ReShape programming.

    ReShape Week 2022 | March 14-17

    ReShape Week ran March 14-17, 2022, offering a series of educational GBSV programming to further the ongoing educational and preventative efforts on campus.

    To learn more and check out the full schedule of events, visit

    Pleasure is Power Keynote by Madame Gandhi

    As part of Madame Gandhi’s mission towards gender equality, this presentation addresses consent, sex positivity, creating safe spaces, and how we can all work together to shift the culture. 

    Check out the full-length video here.

    Pleasure on a Plate with Bal Arneson

    When we think of a flavor, what comes to mind is usually its distinctive qualities: the singular “coffeeness” of coffee. That is, a mix of tastes, aromas, mouthfeel, and temperature. But that’s really only half the equation. The other is how that coffee makes you feel. You sip it not just to fill your stomach, or even to wake up, but to get a little pleasure and satisfaction. Pleasure is what animates eating and drinking and makes them truly gratifying.

    Check out these short videos developed by Bal Arneson, highlighting the multisensory experiences of using spices and other ingredients in cooking to increase sensations of pleasure: Roti, Lentils, Golden Milk, Citrus Ginger Tea, and Quinoa.

    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) education and training sessions aim to create space and opportunity for conversation, learning and exchange. Most of our educational programs are interactive and synchronous (live sessions). Other sessions are available asynchronously upon request.

    Community of Care Sessions

    A list of the upcoming Community of Care Sessions for 2022.

    Community of Care for #OurLondonFamily |  June 7, 2022

    June 7: 4-6pm, Thames Hall, Room 3118

    As we mark the one-year remembrance of the tragic #OurLondonFamily attack on the Afzaal Family, we recognize the difficulty of this time for many members of our community including Muslim and/or Pakistani identifying students. You are not alone.

    Please join us for our upcoming Community of Care in-person gathering for Muslim and/or Pakistani identifying students on Tuesday, June 7 from 4-6 pm in Thames Hall Room 3118. This is an opportunity for students to come together in a safe space, to honour your experiences within community, and to support and affirm one another. Please note this is not a counselling group and separate counseling supports will be available.

    This event will be co-facilitated by Student Experience Staff who identify as Muslim, Raghad Ebied, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Education Coordinator, and Lina Saadeddin, Mental Health Counselor with Wellness & Well-being.

    Registration is not required. Drop-ins are welcome.

    Light Refreshments will be served.

    *Please note that this is not a counselling group. For those students who would like to access counselling support, you can do so by booking a 1:1 appointment with Western Health & Wellness. Please call 519-661-3030 to book an appointment.

    EDI Workshops and Events

    A list of EDI workshops for Staff, Faculty, and/or Students in 2022.

    Compassion: A Key Element of Effective Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Work | May 25, 2022

    This session will introduce the construct and practice of compassion into Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) work for students, staff, and faculty interested in EDI at Western University. Participants will be invited to a professional learning community by reading and discussing the book "Deep Diversity: A Compassionate, Scientific Approach to Achieving Racial Justice" by Shakil Choudhury from June-November 2022. Previous knowledge of the book is not mandatory.

    In his book, Deep Diversity, Choudhury uses "a trauma-informed approach that removes shame or blame, and offers us the tools to recognize, take authentic responsibility, and enact deep change. Readers will come away from the book with practical tools and an understanding of:

    • How to become a systems thinker by developing "racial pattern recognition" skills in order to challenge racism and other forms of systemic discrimination when we encounter them, while minimizing the tendency to shame or blame ourselves or others.
    • How to recognize when the unconscious influence of bias, identity, emotions, or power contradicts our beliefs about equality, and how to realign our thoughts/words/actions.
    • "How to break the racial "prejudice habits" we have all been socialized into since birth, using research-based strategies."

    Facilitated by: Raghad Ebied, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Education Coordinator, Student Experience, Western University, and Dr. Jennifer Valtos, Co-Executive Director with the Center for Compassion, Integrity, and Secular Ethics.

    Dr. Jennifer Valtos is the Co-Executive Director with the Center for Compassion, Integrity, and Secular Ethics. She has been working in higher education, specifically in the area of student affairs, for more than 25 years. With a broad background in all areas of student affairs, she has facilitated programs and training for students, staff, and faculty including training facilitators for large and small group experiential learning activities. Jennifer holds an EdD in Educational Leadership and Management. Her capstone project was titled "Bridging the Gap: Fostering Collaboration between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs".  Jennifer is the proud mother of two daughters and lives in New Jersey with her family.

    Please note: it is not mandatory to join the professional learning community and you are welcome to attend the event on May 25th, and books will be provided to members of the professional learning community.

    Audience: Students, Staff, and Faculty interested in EDI

    Wednesday, May 25, 11:00am on Zoom


    For interested attendees external to Western, please register using this form.

    Training Sessions

    A list of the additional EDI Training available. 

    Bias Training

    This Bias Training is designed to help self-expose our individual unconscious biases, confirmation biases, and perceptions that are directly tied to micro-aggressions. This training will provide tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking and ultimately work towards eliminating internal discriminatory behaviors.

    Ally-ship Training

    This ally-ship training positions people of all identities to successfully undertake allyship at home, in student leadership roles, in social settings, and beyond. By highlighting the stakes of ally-ship, as well as practical tools to achieve it, this training will empower everyone to practice ally-ship as a means of fostering healthy and inclusive environments for all.

    Anti-Racism Training

    This training explores the historical roots of racism and helps you understand the impacts of racism on an individual, institutional, and societal level. This training will provide everyone with tools for dealing with racism while examining how we continue to contribute toward systemic racism across the different aspects of our lives. This training session will encourage you to build upon your existing experiences and knowledge, and find personal and professional applications in your various roles as a student, student leader, or student staff member.

    Anti-Oppression Training

    This training allows students to understand power, privilege, and various forms of oppression while defining the diversity of our campus. The goal of this training session is to bring students to a place of recognizing the difference between equality and equity at an institutional and individual level while also recognizing what privilege looks like, feels like, and its impact on individuals and groups of people, in the Canadian context.

    Intersectionality Training

    This training focuses on several aspects of identity (such as race, class, religion, and gender) as tools of analysis while exploring how people can simultaneously navigate social spaces with both dominant and oppressed identities. The goal is to encourage students to think through how we can build solidarity with others through understanding the complexity of multiple and intersecting social identities held by ourselves and others. This training is designed with the assumption that participants have a foundational understanding of power, privilege, and identity.