• Thriving Foundations Peer Programme

Academic Success Program: Course-based

The Academic Success Program is a collaboration between Student Experience and participating faculties (i.e. Engineering, FIMS, Music, Science, and Social Science) that connects upper-year undergraduate students with groups of 25-30 first-year students enrolled in select first-year courses. Peer Leaders, with the support of Graduate Peer Coaches, will:

  • Facilitate the formation of friendships between new students in digital spaces;
  • Answer questions about on campus resources and support wayfinding, and;
  • Coach new students as they develop the academic skills and strategies they need to thrive throughout the term and beyond.

Contact Information

For general questions about the program, please e-mail ase@uwo.ca or message us through our Live Chat feature on http://academicsupport.uwo.ca/.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if I am in a course that is participating in the program?

All first-year courses in the Faculty of Science are participating, as well as the following courses from other faculties:


Course Number

Course Name

Social Science

Anthropology 1022a

Intro to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology 


Anthropology 1025F

Intro to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology


Anthropology 1027a

Intro to Linguistics


Economics 1021a

Principles of Microeconomics


Sociology 1020

Introduction to Sociology


Music 1649A

Studies in Theory I


MIT 1020E

Intro to MIT


ES 1050

Foundations of Engineering Practice

I’m not in one of the participating courses, but I would like a mentor. What are my options?

Student Experience offers a number of mentoring programs to help support your academic and personal success. If you are not registered in a course that is participating in ASP, check out some of the other options designed to help first-year students:

    • LAMP: First-year students can request a mentor from their faculty or program, and be kept up-to date on events, programming, and important deadlines throughout the year.

  • OPSA: First-year Canadian students from outside of Ontario can receive transitional and ongoing academic and social support from upper year out-of-province students. 

  • SOCS: First-year students living off-campus receive assistance connecting with other off-campus students, learning about campus supports, and participating in on-campus events.

  • International Peer Guide: First-year international students receive ongoing support from upper-year students with transitioning and adjusting to Western and Canada, connecting with other international students, learning about campus supports and services and participating in events.

I am in a participating course, but I haven’t heard from my mentor.

If you are registered in one of the participating courses, but haven’t heard from your mentor, email ase@uwo.ca with your name and the course you are registered in so we can identify who your mentor is and arrange for them to be in touch.

What is required of me if I am a student registered in a participating course?

The success of the program, which is designed to help you thrive in your first term and beyond, relies on your active participation in the weekly meetings. Weekly meetings are facilitated by a peer leader, an upper-year student who has completed the course that you are registered in, and attended by 20-30 other students who are taking the same course as you.

Each weekly meeting is scheduled for 1-1.5 hours, and we may ask you to participate in conversations, complete reflection activities or other exercises, all that build to completing a Thriving Practices Toolkit.

What are the benefits of participating in ASP as a first-year student?

Through the ASP you'll have an opportunity to:

  • Develop close friendships and a sense of belonging at Western.
  • Discover and make use of the plethora of supports available in-person and remotely.
  • Understand and apply your unique strengths to your academic studies and outside the classroom activities.
  • Develop learning skills and strategies to assist you during your university studies.