Learning Development & Success Learning Development & Success

General Learning Resources

The following resources are available to all students to read in our PAL Centre during our hours of operation.  The books found in this section aim to help students develop general learning skills. 

Titles include:

Avoiding Plagiarism an Essential Skills Guide

Do You Read Philosophy Carefully?: A Guide to Text Comprehension and Control

Foundations: Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing

Get Organized

How to Study

Know Your Course Readings!: A Guide to Methodical Pursuit

Learning For Success: Effective Strategies for Students

Learning Power

Learning to Learn: Making the Transition from Student to Life-Long Learner

Listening & Notetaking Skills: The Lecture Experience...and Beyond

Making the Grade: A Guide to Study and Success

Power Over Time: Student Success with Time Management

Study Skills Strategies: Your Guide to Critical Thinking

The Adult Student's Guide to Survival & Success

The Elements of Library Research: What Every Student Needs to Know

The Quick College Guide: Reading, Writing, and Studying

The Right Start

Thinking Critically: A Procedure for Evaluating Intellectual Content

Using Your Dictionary Effectively: A Guide for ESL Students

Your First-year Experience : Success Strategies for Canadian Students