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Helpful, informative presentations on OWL. Choose from video, text and audio formats. To join our Learning Skills: SDC site and access the Strategy Bytes Series (SBS), follow these steps:

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  3. Click on the Join Site tool in the left hand menu
  4. Then follow the directions given in OWL

Once you've successfully joined our site, the Strategy Bytes Series will appear in the left hand menu.

A note to new Western Students: if you were unable to join our site, please try again when you have access to OWL.

SBS Presentation Topics:

What can you do for me? A Tour of Learning Skills Services

Learning Skills Counsellors help students in a number of ways. This Byte provides an overview of all that SDC's Learning Skills Services can do for students at Western.

I thought I knew my stuff! Learning from Exam Errors

Have you been disappointed by the results of a recent exam? Has this happened more than once? This Byte outlines some common reasons for exam errors and provides suggestions on how you can take steps to correct these errors and improve your test performance.

What worked for me: Top Strategies from Experienced Students

Each year, SDC's Learning Skills Services has a group of dedicated volunteers who assist students in our Learning Help Centre. Benefit from the learning strategies that they recommend in this Byte. Suggestions are provided for keeping up with courses, studying for tests, managing time, and for specific disciplines. Learn from some of Western's best students.

I'll do it later...Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is the bane of many students' existence. What can be done about it? This Byte will help you to examine your patterns of procrastination and provide some strategies to tackle this pervasive problem.

I'm not in high school anymore... Transitioning to Learning at University

Welcome to university! Things are different here...especially expectations around learning. Some of the most pronounced differences in learning between high school and university are outlined in this Byte. As well, the Byte offers some helpful advice on how to adapt to these changes.