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The Learning Development & Success team has created a number of video presentations to help Western students gain knowledge and build confidence in their learning and academic skills. From time management to studying for exams, we have a variety of presentations to help you thrive academically. 

Earn a Certificate of Academic Engagement by watching a minimum of four synchronous and/or asynchronous Learning Development & Success presentations between September 2020-April 2021.  Be sure to complete and submit a Reflection Form for each presentation you watch, and then email learning@uwo.ca to request your Certificate.

To have the achievement appear on your Western Co-Curricular Record, you must first obtain your Certificate of Academic Engagement and then add the Learning Development & Success Certificate of Academic Engagement to your Co-Curricular Record for validation at myexperience.uwo.ca


Undergraduate Student Presentations

Successful Time Management

Get the most out of your 168 hours each week. Learn how to effectively balance academics with other interests and responsibilities, and receive useful planning tools to help organize your life.

Academic Success for International Undergraduate Students

This session was designed primarily for students who are new to Western and who wish to become more familiar with learning at a Canadian University. Students will learn ways to complete work on time, listen to and understand lectures, increase comfort with class participation, move from surface to deep learning, and use helpful campus resources.

Student-Athlete Time Management

Are you a student Athlete at Western? Well, this presentation was designed to help you make the most of your time while managing sport and training.

Preparing and Studying for Exams

Learn about effective strategies to organize and remember course material that will help you maximize your abilities on tests.

Preparing for Online Exams

Do you know how to prepare for an online exam? Here are the study tips you need to be successful!

Optimize Lecture Learning

Regardless of the lecture style, it's your responsibility to get meaning from the information presented. Get the most out of your class time by knowing what to do before, during, and after lectures.

Writing Multiple Choice Tests

Learn about different types of multiple-choice questions and ways to approach them. Sample questions from university courses are used to demonstrate effective strategies for this exam format.

Managing Test Anxiety

Trouble sleeping the night before a test? Do you ever go blank on an exam? Find out what you can do to manage interfering levels of test stress.

Essay Exams Essentials

Receive tips on how to prepare for and write essay exams, including strategies for structuring information and answering common types of essay questions.

Learning From Textbooks

Do you highlight so much of your textbook that your eyes start to glow? Do your books make that creaky-new sound whenever you finally get around to opening them? Learn effective ways to approach each of your textbooks depending on their format and their role in your courses.

The Basics.
Get to know your Textbook.
The Three Steps of Reading.
Highlighting and Summary Notes.
Digital Reading.

Enhancing Your Note-taking Skills

Effective note-taking helps you to manage a large volume of information, prepare more effectively for exams, and increase your academic engagement. This presentation will introduce a variety of strategies to help you structure your notes and to utilize them effectively while studying.

Maximize Your Memory

Passive repetition of course material not only takes a lot of time, but it doesn't guarantee you'll remember the information at exam time. Learn how to use your brain efficiently and effectively with these active strategies for enhancing long-term memory storage and recall.

Study Skills for Medical and Dental Students


Are you in medical or dental school? This online presentation summarizes practical study strategies to help you learn more effectively and enhance your long-term retention of knowledge. 

Graduate Student Presentations

Time Management for TAs

To be successful in the dual roles of student and TA requires a carefully planned balancing act. This is especially true in our current climate of remote working and learning. The two videos and accompanying workbook will explore a variety of time and self-management strategies that can help you be an effective and efficient student and TA.

Time Management for TAs Workbook

Video Part 1: Defining time and self-management, and exploring common graduate student concerns.
Video Part 2: Time management strategies, including a "Take 5" practice for calming and focus.

Sustaining Motivation in Graduate School

Staying motivated in graduate school can be challenging, particularly when it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this presentation, we will discuss factors that affect motivation, challenges to staying motivated in graduate school, and motivational strategies for graduate students.


Looking for more helpful videos? Check out the SmartStart: Learning Modules developed by the Learning Development & Success Team. Click below to learn more: