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Presentations offered by Learning Development counsellors are described below. Presentations are offered on a first come, first service basis. Please note that not all topics are offered each term.

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International Students:

Reading Strategies for International Students

In what ways are textbook and academic reading different from other kinds of reading? How much detail must you read and remember? In this session we'll discuss ways to identify, record and recall key points in academic readings, and we'll help you identify strategies to cope with the large volume of reading at university. Special attention will be given to issues of reading in a second language.

Graduate Students:

Reading Strategies for Graduate Students

In this session we will discuss and practice various efficient and effective approaches to reading academic material at the graduate level, including skimming, scanning, and careful/analytical reading. We will also address how to deal with a large volume of reading, and with difficult parts of text.

Time Management for Graduate Students

Good time management skills are often crucial to your success as a graduate student. This Learning Development presentation offers planning and organizational strategies and explores ways to increase motivation and productivity.

Staying Motivated in Graduate School

Staying motivated in graduate school can be challenging, particularly when it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this presentation, we will discuss factors that affect motivation, challenges to staying motivated in graduate school, and motivational strategies for graduate students. 

Time Management:

Successful Time Management

Get the most out of your 168 hours each week. Learn how to effectively balance academics with other interests and responsibilities, and receive useful planning tools to help organize your life.

Managing Your Time for Mid-year/Final Exams

Learn how to plan, create, and implement a successful study schedule for each of your courses. Included are tips for managing your time while writing an exam.

Effective Learning:

Key Strategies for Academic Success

Do you know what it takes to be successful at Western? Everyone has heard about the possible drop in marks in first year, but is that really necessary or is there something you can do to help yourself avoid the fall? Learning Development & Success will present a toolkit of strategies to help you be the best student you can be. Hear about the importance of developing effective strategies for managing lecture learning and note taking, text reading and studying for exams. Learn pointers on how to manage your time effectively and avoid the procrastination cycle. Find out what you need to do in order to be successful academically at Western.

Only offered once in early Septmber

Effective Textbook Strategies

Do you highlight so much of your textbook that your eyes start to glow? Do your books make that creaky-new sound whenever you finally get around to opening them? Learn effective ways to approach each of your textbooks depending on their format and their role in your courses.

Maximize Your Memory

Passive repetition of course material not only takes a lot of time, but it doesn't guarantee you'll remember the information at exam time. Learn how to use your brain efficiently and effectively with these active strategies for enhancing long-term memory storage and recall.

Optimize Lecture Learning

Regardless of the lecture style, it's your responsibility to get meaning from the information presented. Get the most out of your class time by knowing what to do before, during, and after lectures.

Making Effective Presentations

Many factors are involved in giving an effective presentation. Learn how to prepare the content of your presentation to enhance the clarity of your message, learn how to manage nervousness, and learn how to prepare yourself to successfully deliver the content to your audience.

Enhance Your Note-taking Skills

Effective note-taking helps you to manage a large volume of information, prepare more effectively for exams, and increase your academic engagement. This presentation will introduce a variety of strategies to help you structure your notes and to utilize them effectively while studying.

Putting Off Procrastination

Learn how to move from avoiding important academic tasks to taking purposeful action that brings you closer to your goals.

Math & Science:

Boost Your Problem Solving in Math & Science Courses

Which strategies do you employ when attempting to solve math and science problems? Learn how to identify and understand the main concepts in a problem. Expand and improve your preparation, planning, adaptability, and analysis skills.

Tests & Exams:

Manage Test Stress

Trouble sleeping the night before a test? Do you ever go blank on an exam? Find out what you can do to manage interfering levels of test stress.

Essay Exam Essentials

Receive tips on how to prepare for and write essay exams, including strategies for structuring information and answering common types of essay questions.

Studying and Preparing for Tests

Learn about effective strategies to organize and remember course material that will help you maximize your abilities on tests.

Writing Multiple-choice Tests

Learn about different types of multiple-choice questions and ways to approach them. Sample questions from university courses are used to demonstrate effective strategies for this exam format.