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Certificate of Academic Engagement

Attend 4 Presentations to Receive your Certificate
What is the Certificate of Academic Engagement? It's a program that recognizes students who make the effort to be their academic best.
How do I get a certificate? To receive the certificate, attend 4 Learning Skills presentations offered by Western's Student Development Centre between September and April of the current academic year:
  • Cards will be provided and stamped after each presentation
  • Once you have 4 stamps, bring the card to SDC's PAL Centre to obtain your certificate
When and where are the presentations? See the presentation schedule for details, including online registration; presentations are free!

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The Learning Skills Certificate of Academic Engagement is eligible for inclusion in Western’s Co-Curricular Record. After receiving your Certificate of Academic Engagement from Learning Skills Services, you can make an online request to have this activity added to your record. Learn more about Western’s Co-Curricular Record at: http://myexperience.uwo.ca


NB: The record is NOT retroactive, and therefore positions must be added during the academic year in which the activity occurred. Students will not be able to add positions to their record after the annual deadline for adding activities has passed.