Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is the language of science. At Western, the Department of Applied Mathematics models phenomena occurring in the natural or social sciences in order to understand them and make predictions. These phenomena occur in widely differing areas as the dispersal of pollutants in the environment, the flow of blood in arteries, interactions among subatomic particles, and the behaviour of financial markets. Our small class sizes provide our undergraduates with enhanced opportunities to work closely with world-class faculty (testimonial) who are genuinely interested in fostering discussion and problem-solving ingenuity.

What You'll Learn

Our department offers undergraduate students a warm, friendly and creative environment in which to learn about mathematical biology, dynamical systems, scientific and symbolic computing, theoretical physics and computational materials science. You will acquire the necessary expertise and have access to powerful tools to solve complex industry, business, natural, social and applied science-relevant problems.


The acquired skills of an applied mathematician are in demand in almost every area of science and industry. Matrix algebra and calculus can be used to build mathematical and computational models for pure scientific research and industrial process innovation. They are used in areas ranging from cancer therapy treatment design and liquid crystals development to tracking evolutionary resistance to drug therapy. Many of our graduates choose to pursue a graduate degree to specialize further in a specific domain where their education enables work on the leading edge of innovation.

Distinguishing Features

Interdisciplinary Study

We offer, among others, modules that focus on interdisciplinary connections such as the Honors Specialization in Mathematical Science, a Major in Scientific Computing and Numerical Methods and a Major in Theoretical Physics. Students can also pursue a concurrent degree in Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

Research Opportunities

Students who are in their fourth year of an Honors Specialization are offered opportunities to work on research projects in close association with faculty members, leading to an expanded applied skill set and the potential to be included in the publication of project results.

Model Champions

Students from Applied Mathematics compete each year in the international COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling against over 2,000 teams worldwide. Western is consistently in the top 20 and twice have been world champions.