Defining the nature of information and capturing its potential is essential in addressing the many challenges facing humanity. Bringing an impressive array of mathematical, statistical, and computational tools and methods to the Science of Information landscape, Western Science research addresses real-world issues in the areas of health, finance, and the environment. From ensuring the long-term solvency of insurance companies as paradigms change and protecting the lives and livelihoods of Canadians with the development of wildfire risk models to developing market-based solutions to support the proliferation of green energy development and designing computational methods for brain imaging to provide game-changing insight in the area of brain science, Western Science is at the forefront of transformational solutions in this rapidly evolving research context. 


SHARCNET is a consortium of Canadian academic institutions that share a network of high performance computers. With this infrastructure, we enable world-class academic research in computer modelling. SHARCNET is one of seven HPC consortia in Canada that operates under the umbrella of Compute/Calcul Canada

Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP)

SOSCIP is a research and development consortium that pairs academic and industry researchers with advanced computing tools to fuel Canadian innovation within the areas of agile computing, cities, mining, health, digital media, energy, cybersecurity, water and advanced manufacturing.