Materials and Biomaterials

The solutions to the challenges facing twenty-first-century society depend heavily on the tools we use to address them. Whether it be the development of sustainable energy, the exploration of space, the advancement of medical techniques and imaging, or the invention of smart and innovative materials, Western Science researches, develops, and designs devices to transform the future.

Our expertise in Materials and Biomaterials is both a product of our state-of-the-art analytical systems and our interdisciplinary environment which strongly encourages collaboration among academia, industry, and government. Within Western Science, Materials and Biomaterials have always been areas of research that have crossed disciplines and faculty boundaries. This connection has allowed for the development of new analytical tools, answered questions about the Earth’s origin, and innovated biomedical tools used in modern medicine.

The four main research strengths in this area are: 

  • Materials for Health
  • Materials for Sustainable Energies
  • Innovative Functional Materials
  • Earth and Astromaterials

Through these interdisciplinary research areas, Western Science is challenging the status-quo and pushing the boundaries of frontier science.