As a research-intensive institution, Western’s investigation into more sophisticated and complex topics is enhanced by collaboration within and between departments and faculties. Such joint research ventures, translated into centres of expertise, cross traditional research disciplines, support the interdisciplinary investigation and bolster the potential for game-changing results.


The Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research (CAMBR) brings faculty, students, and external stakeholders under one organization to provide a collective vision for research and education in materials and biomaterials. The mandate of CAMBR attracts scholars from across Western's facilities including engineering, medicine, and dentistry with over 50 research groups from Western participating in the centre. This interdisciplinary research encompasses biopolymers, composite materials, nanomaterials, mineral resources, and energy efficient materials bring in interest from other academic institutions, industry partners, and governmental agencies.


The Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) was formed in recognition of Western's dedication to, and support for, environmental research and education. It provides a vital forum that brings together researchers from the faculties of Science, Arts and Humanities, Information and Media Studies, Engineering, Ivey School of Business, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Law and Social Sciences to engage in interdisciplinary research that addresses the impact humanity has on climate change and the environment. By promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, CES builds on existing strengths across campus in water resources and contamination; climate and atmospheric change; nutrients, contaminants, and remediation of soils and sediment; natural and anthropogenic hazards, and clean technology.


The Soochow University-Western University Centre (SWC) for Synchrotron Radiation Research is an international collaborative research centre that strives to be a global leader in the interdisciplinary research and education of synchrotron science. SWC is committed to conducting cutting-edge research by accessing world-class synchrotron facilities and facilitating exchange and collaborative research between two universities. The centre provides training for the next generation synchrotron experts through the 2+2 joint PhD program where students benefit from two years of dedicated study at each institution while earning a PhD from Western University and a certificate from Soochow University.