Confocal: Zeiss LSM 5 Duo Vario Microscope

Imaging LSM

The LSM 5 Duo is a unique, multipurpose confocal workstation, one of only a dozen like it in the world. It delivers true 5D experimental capability (X,Y,Z,Time and λ) by combining 3 instruments into one:

The LSM 510 multichannel point scanning confocal microscope offers ten optically tunable laser excitation wavelengths and a wide variety of beamsplitters and filters, providing excitation and detection capabilities ranging all the way from UV to near IR. The software setup and piezo-electric motorized stage allows the capture of detailed Z-stack images for precise 3D rendering and time series acquisition.  Software modules for surface topography, colocalization, FRAP, ratio imaging, multi-point scanning, time series, large area tiling, and 3D rendering are now available.

The LSM 5 Live detector employs a beam shaper for rapid laser LINE scanning, resulting in ultra high speed capture of live cell processes without the phototoxicity associated with common point scanning LSMs. Tracking biological molecules and physiological processes through photobleaching, photoactivation, photoconversion, uncaging and FRET is simple using the flexible and intuitive Zen Software. At 1010 fps (512x512 pixels) and 95% detection efficiency, the high speed detector can track processes lasting only a few microseconds.  A live cell stage is available for maintaining sensitive cell culture samples in controlled termperature, humidity and CO2 conditions.

The LSM 5 Meta detector can separate and acquire 32 spectral channels in only 1.2 seconds. A built-in spectral database, automatic component extraction, and revolutionary linear unmixing technology will allow the precise separation of fluorochromes: even those with extremely overlapping emission spectra such as GFP and FITC. It can completely eliminate crosstalk and autofluorescence in difficult samples; perform emission fingerprinting; or characterize unknown fluorescence signals through spectral analysis-even in the most demanding of dynamic samples.

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