Review OWL and/or the course outline to look for any comments from your instructor regarding academic consideration procedures. Inform your instructor or course/lab coordinator (OWL or your course outline may indicate who to contact) immediately about the course component you will not be able to attend or complete

  • Complete an Academic Consideration Request Form
  • Documentation Required:
    • Completed Student Medical Certificate, preferred as is senate policy.
    • Emergency Department, Urgent Care notes may be accepted if the information is sufficient enough - duration of illness, impact on academics, and the severity of illness.


  • You must submit your documentation within 2 business days of the note deeming you well enough. If approved your instructor will get notification of your consideration and you must connect with your instructor to determine how to make up the missed coursework. If a consideration request is approved for a December or April exam, you will be issued a Recommendation for Special Exam form instead, which you should bring to your instructor.
  • If you are not able to submit your request and documentation within a few days of the missed course component, you may consider asking a friend to deliver it to us or emailing the form and documentation to us.
  • Official Western Policy on Accommodation for Illness