Western Science Speaks is a collection of podcasts that feature short format interviews that explore the interesting and important work produced by Faculty of Science at Western University. As seen below, the show's episodes cover a wide range of topics in science relevant to a broad spectrum of listeners.

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Exploring the Final Frontier

Titan and the Future of Earth

Saturn's Moon, Titan, may not come to mind when you think about the history and evolution of Earth but after this podcast, it just might! This week Western Science Speaks speaks with Dr. Catherine Neish, to explore the cold, hydrocarbon-rich world of Titan! 

Wrong-way asteroid plays ‘chicken’ with Jupiter

You might think that everything in the Solar System moves in the same direction but a recent discovery proves overwise! This week Western Science Speaks interviews Dr Paul Wiegert about his explanation for why this asteroid is orbiting the wrong way.

Exploring Galaxies with Giant Telescopes

If you want to explore far other stars and distant galaxies the bigger the telescope, the better! This week Western Science Speaks interviews Dr Pauline Barmby about her work with future telescopes that will dwarf their predecessor.

Tackling an Inconvenient Truth

Plants in the Age of Climate Change

Western Science speaks talks to Dr Danielle Way and her two graduate students about how plant physiologically respond to high temperatures, drought stress and changes in CO2 concentration.

Maintaining biodiversity in a rapidly changing environment

You might think that butterflies are just a beautiful visitor to your summer garden, but to Dr Nusha Keyghobadi they are also a powerful tool for studying genetic variation! This week Western Science Speaks interviews Dr Keyghobadi about her work investigating what maintains genetic diversity in populations.