Howard Alper Talks Canadian Innovation and Science for Western's International Week

International Week celebrates diversity at Western by engaging students, faculty and staff in discussion and debate about international issues while fostering international education, cross-cultural skills, and cultural traditions.

This year, Western Science is happy to host Dr Howard Alper, a distinguished professor at the University of Ottawa, who will be talking about Canada's science policy and its implication for future economic development.

In addition to his research on organic and inorganic chemistry, Dr Alper has served on a number of NSERC committees and councils advising the cabinet and the prime minister on science, technology and innovation issues. He is currently the chair for Canvassing Committee to Enhance Global Recognition for Canadian Research Excellence.

More details regarding Alper's talk can be found below and on the International Week website.

Innovation, Science, and Economic Development—Policy Advice and Benchmarking to Shape the Future of a Nation

Monday, November 13, 2017, at 3:30 pm in PAB 100

Science advice to decision makers can help shape the future of a nation. How the advice role/responsibility is structured, including opportunities, constraints, as well as outputs/impacts will be considered, using personal experiences for illustrative purposes. Benchmarking on a global basis is essential to maximizing prospects for success, as a country needs to determine its assets and deficiencies and make choices.