WISc - Integrated SciencesWestern Science

FAQs about the WISc Program

Can I do the WISc program and Medical Sciences?

No. WISc is only available to students that are accepted into Science (OUAC code: ES) at Western.

I want to apply to WISc and other Science programs at Western. Do I need to apply using OUAC twice?

No. Your acceptance into Science (OUAC code: ES) makes all Science programs available to you. A student has until the end of Year 1 to decide what program (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science…) they want to concentrate on starting in Year 2….at Western these concentrations are called modules. It is only the WISc program that requires you to complete a supplemental application.

Is WISc harder than a traditional science program?

No. The Western Integrated Science program has been designed to foster an interdisciplinary approach to science. So, while it is a different approach to learning and doing science it has not been designed to be harder than a traditional science program.