WISc - Integrated SciencesWestern Science

Integrated Science Program  (WISc)

Established in 2016, Western’s Integrated Science program (WISc) is a four-year honors program that combines the focused coursework of a traditional honors degree with a unique set of courses in Integrated Science.

Through novel classroom and laboratory experiences, students in WISc refine their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while at the same time strengthening teamwork, leadership abilities and community engagement. Since many of today's most pressing scientific problems are interdisciplinary  (e.g., climate change) graduates of WISc will have a unique skill set allowing them to work more effectively on cutting-edge problems that span the traditional science disciplines in both industry and academia.  As well, WISc graduates will have the strong undergraduate education required of today’s professional schools (Medicine, Dentistry, Law).

Download the WISc information brochure.