The purpose of an undergraduate education is highly personal for each of our more than 6,000 Western Science students. Exploring an area of interest, identifying and expanding on strengths, building the foundation for future studies in research or developing the skills that will lead to a rewarding career in the public or private sector; all good reasons - among many- for taking your first steps toward earning a post-secondary degree.

At Western Science, we help our students develop a solid technical foundation in their first year, and then choose among more than 140 modules of study and 480 courses in applied science, basic medical science, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, environmental science, mathematics, physics and astronomy, statistics, actuarial science and in integrated science.

Our motto, "live the science you learn" translates into multiple high-impact learning opportunities over the course of a four-year degree. Lectures, flipped classrooms, well-equipped labs, virtual field trips, field courses, international exchanges and internships provide a balanced approach to learning and applying knowledge and skills. It's all part of our unique Western experience. We look forward to sharing it with you.