Thriving in Graduate School
Thrive: to prosper, to grow or develop vigorously

Your graduate degree is not just a passport to a world of research and new knowledge, but also a prestige marker of innovation, community development and economic growth. Your Graduate Program helps you make fruitful investments in your own human capital and creates the skilled workforce the world requires.

SGPS encourages you to:

  • Take care of yourself and build supportive relationships
  • Develop as a professional
  • Enjoy and get the most out of your program

Western believes that your health, development and wellbeing are equally important to academic achievement. Our goal is that all members of our graduate community – students, postdocs, graduate faculty and staff – have the opportunity to thrive personally and professionally. The areas listed below provide you with a simple path to discover opportunities available across campus to assist you in reaching that goal.

What are you looking for?


Finding friends and fun

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Working within and beyond Western

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Navigating your academic studies
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Find community and enriching cultural opportunities

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Management: finances, time and self

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Making yourself a priority

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Cultivate your leadership, project management and entrepreneurial skills

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Expand and improve your teaching techniques

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Communicate your work and your skills effectively

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