Below you will find all forms and letter of permissions provided by Western Science's Academic Counselling.

Academic Considerations

Consideration Request Form - this form must be completed for all academic consideration requests. Forms can be e-mailed, faxed, or submitted in person. Click here if you wish to review the advantages and disadvantages of deferring an exam.

In additon to above form, you will need one of the following depending on the reason for your absence:

Please note that the student medical certificate must be returned to Academic Counselling within 48 hours of the date the doctor has deemed you well enough to complete academic responsibilities. If you can't make it into the office, you must scan all documentation and send it to Originals must be submitted as soon as possible as failure to submit forms on time could result in the refusal of your documentation.

Accommodation for religious holidays is covered by University Policy found here. The above consideration request form must be submitted 2 weeks in advance for accommodation of any religious holidays.

Letters of Permission

Information and the Letter of Permission form can be found here. Make sure you satisfy the Letter of Permission checklist.

Any questions or concerns in regards to taking a course by Letter of Permission can be answer in-person or through email at:

Other Forms and Procedures

Science Academic Counselling provides the following other forms in regards to course work:

If you are unable to find the form you are looking for please contact Science Academic Counselling in-person or through email at: