Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

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Considerations for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in research acknowledge that historical inequality has led to current cultural inequity; that diversity through intersectional representation is a necessary component of research success; and that inclusive praxis will benefit everyone in the Canadian and global research context. An inclusive research environment contributes to diversity and can only be achieved when informed and intentional equitable practices are adopted. Western’s commitment to EDI in research includes tool and resource development that supports researchers seeking to implement EDI practices into their research programs or projects.

Why is EDI Important in Research?

Diversity in research provides:

  • Diversity of perspective and thought;
  • Greater creative and innovative research outputs;
  • Creates an inclusive and welcoming research environment for underrepresented trainees; and
  • Generalizability of research impact to the Canadian and Global communities.

Incorporating EDI in Research

EDI in research requires education of the issues and the adoption and implementation of best practices that will contribute to representation and equal opportunities for all in the research environment.

How can you include EDI in your research program?

  • Create a meaningful EDI vision/mission statement for your research program;
  • Diversity in team composition;
  • Inclusive and equitable HQP recruitment;
  • Education and training of EDI issues;
  • Inclusive lab/classroom environment and teaching practices;
  • Equal opportunities for mentorship and professional development;
  • Community engagement and outreach;
  • Program evaluation and measurement; and/or
  • Research design and data analysis.

Research Western can help you develop proposals that weave EDI considerations into your research project or program. You can also enhance training experiences for HQP, while creating a more inclusive environment for diverse members of your research team, by making use of guidance documents, resources and training programs created and collected by experts across campus.


Other EDI Resources at Western


For more information, or questions relating to EDI supports provided by Research Western, please contact Nicole Kaniki, Research Development Consultant (519-661-2111 ext. 87182)