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Grant Amount: UP TO $250,000
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: May 03, 2017
Sponsor's: May 10, 2017

Subject Areas:

The Knowledge Mobilization Partnership Program (KMP2) will drive adoption of best and next practices across stakeholder groups in the aging and brain health sector and may include proven innovations in practices, products and services. This program will fund projects that have been successfully validated within their environments and are ready for broader scaling and adoption. This program will enable older adults, their circle of care, and healthcare practitioners, to gain access to knowledge, skills and support, in order to facilitate behavior change consistent with evidence. The optimal end result is improved health outcomes and quality of life for older adults and/or their caregivers.

CC-ABHI?s focus is on supporting knowledge mobilization and adoption that will address one or more of the four themes listed below: 1.Emergency Department Visits: Solutions that avoid or reduce unnecessary emergency department visits for older adults living with dementia. 2.Falls Prevention: Solutions that prevent falls, or mitigate injury due to falls, in older adults with dementia. 3.Aging at Home: Solutions for prolonging independence and better management of complex chronic conditions for older adults with dementia living at home. 4.Cognitive Fitness: Solutions that improve brain health or cognitive fitness in older adults.

Application Details:

An individual employed by an Institution or affiliated with an Institution that qualifies as a Canada Revenue Agency qualified donee1 or with a non-profit organization located in Canada, can apply for the program. If the Host Institution is a non-profit organization located in Canada: The Host Organization employing the applicant can receive up to a maximum of $250,000 from CC-ABHI to support up to 50% of the eligible project costs specifically associated with dissemination and adoption of knowledge. CC-ABHI will only fund eligible project costs. The remaining 50% of the project?s cost must be provided by the selected non-profit Host Institution, through a blend of cash and in-kind contributions. Applicants might show cash and/or in-kind contributions such as office space, equipment, connectivity, staff salaries, etc. For example, if the total eligible cost to execute the project is $400,000 (CAD), then $200,000 (CAD) must be funded by the Host Institution, and the remaining $200,000 of funding will be provided by CC-ABHI.

The host institution must provide a letter of support signed by a designated signing authority. The project duration must not exceed 12 months, and selected projects must commence by September 2017. Interested applicants must submit an online application form no later than 5 pm EST on May 10th, 2017.


NOTE: All Letters of Intent and Full Applications must be processed through Research Development & Services for institutional approval. Requests for Institutional approvals should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline. A ROLA Proposal (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean electronic approvals) is required for each submission.
Western Contacts: Moxey,Laura
Hancock,Jennifer Anne

Sponsor Contacts:

Baycrest Health Sciences
3560 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada