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Grant Amount: UP TO $200,000
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: Mar 15, 2024
Sponsor's: Mar 22, 2024

Subject Areas:
Description: Brain Canada is pleased to announce a new program to leverage the strengths of the Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research Program, which anchored by a generous gift from the Azrieli Foundation, provides funding to early-career researchers to build a foundation of research excellence and innovation in Canada.

Application Details:

This funding opportunity is open to previous recipients of Azrieli Foundation-Brain Canada Early-Career Capacity Building Grants or Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research Grants. The end date of the previous grant, including any no-cost extension period, must be before the expected funding start date of September 1, 2024, and the applicant must not have any overdue reporting to Brain Canada from their previous grant at this date.

This funding opportunity includes a Registration Form (Feb 12, 2024) and a Full Application stage (March 22, 2024). Applicants must submit a Registration Form in order to be eligible for the Full Application stage. Both are submitted using Brain Canada's electronic grant management system SmartSimple.


NOTE: All research-related grant applications, letters of intent, contracts and agreements requiring an institutional or organizational signature must submit related documents to the Office of Research Services for review and approval. Requests for institutional signature should be received a minimum of five to ten business days before the posted Sponsor deadline. Please see Western Research's website regarding the institutional signatory process for more details. Specific opportunities may have their own timelines and requirements for submissions. A ROLA Proposal submitted by the PI and bearing department and faculty approvals is required.
Western Contacts: Latinovich,Cessandra
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2155 Guy Street
Suite 900
Montreal, Quebec, Canada