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Grant Amount: $500,000 OVER 2 YRS
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: Apr 04, 2024
Sponsor's: Apr 11, 2024

Subject Areas:

The Brain Canada & Weizmann Institute of Science Team Grants program aims to leverage strengths and foster international collaboration between researchers in Canada and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. The program is intended to support hypothesis-driven research that will advance our understanding of the brain and brain disorders.

The program encourages innovative, unorthodox, and exploratory research that may be in the early and conceptual stages of project development but has potential for significant impact on our understanding of the brain. The research topic will focus on hypothesis-driven inquiries on the brain and nervous system, and may span the range of basic, translational, and clinical approaches.

Application Details:

This funding opportunity is open to research teams of two or more members and must include a minimum of two independent investigators. At least one independent investigator must be conducting research at, and affiliated with, an eligible academic institution in Canada, and one at the Weizmann Institute of Science, designated as co-Principal Investigators. Additional team members and collaborators may be included, as needed, to ensure the required expertise is present to carry out the proposed research.

Please note that this funding opportunity includes a Registration Form and a Full Application stage. Applicants must submit a Registration Form to be eligible to submit a Full Application. Registration is due February 8 -- ROLA NOT REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION. Full Applications must be submitted using Brain Canada?s electronic grant management system, SmartSimple, by 17:00 EDT / 23:59 IDT on April 11, 2024


NOTE: All research-related grant applications, letters of intent, contracts and agreements requiring an institutional or organizational signature must submit related documents to the Office of Research Services for review and approval. Requests for institutional signature should be received a minimum of five to ten business days before the posted Sponsor deadline. Please see Western Research's website regarding the institutional signatory process for more details. Specific opportunities may have their own timelines and requirements for submissions. A ROLA Proposal submitted by the PI and bearing department and faculty approvals is required.
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