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Sponsor/Award: Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation - GRANT PROGRAM - 2010 SUMMER COMPETITION

Grant Amount: $150K USD MAX FOR 2 YEARS
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: May 25, 2010
Sponsor's: Jun 01, 2010

Subject Areas: Education or Instruction (Health or Safety or Medical), Clinical Research, Anesthesiology, Patient Safety, Prevention, perioperative medicine

The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) Grant Program supports research directed towards enhancing anesthesia patient safety. Its major objective is to stimulate studies leading to prevention of mortality and morbidity resulting from anesthesia mishaps.

APSF accepts applications in one of two categories of identified need: CLINICAL RESEARCH and EDUCATION AND TRAINING. Each year, we strive to fund at least one grant in each of the two categories. Highest priority is given to: Studies that address peri-anesthetic safety problems for relatively healthy patients; or Studies that are broadly applicable AND that promise improved methods of patient safety with a defined and direct path to implementation into clinical care; or Innovative methods of education and training to improve patient safety.

Application Details:

Awards are made to a sponsoring institution, not to individuals or to departments. Any qualified member of a sponsoring institution (hospital, university, clinic, etc) in the United States or Canada may apply. Only one person may be listed as the principal investigator. All co-investigators, collaborators, and consultants must be listed. Applications will not be accepted from a principal investigator currently funded by the APSF.

No award will be made unless the statement of institutional human or animal studies' committee approval is received by the committee prior to October 1, 2010. Application documents must be converted to Adobe PDF format and merged as a SINGLE file The complete Application Packet (Application, Budget justification, Applicant's CV, Chair's letter of support, Acceptance of Grant Conditions form, and IRB approval notification or, if approval not yet obtained, a copy of the IRB submission letter) must be uploaded to the APSF website: ( Please follow the Application Format instructions carefully. Applications not conforming to all of the requirements will be returned without formal review.


NOTE: Letters of Intent and Full Applications are to be processed through Research Development Services for institutional signatures, and are to be accompanied by a completed RDAF form (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean signatures). Requests for Institutional signatures should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline.
Western Contacts: Pocock,Katy
Russelo,Theresa M

Sponsor Contacts:

8007 South Meridian Street
Building One, Suite Two
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States