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Grant Amount: UP TO $100K PA FOR 2 OR 3 YRS
Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: Oct 14, 2016
Sponsor's: Oct 21, 2016

Subject Areas: Diagnostics And Early Detection, Prevention, Treatment, Medical, Melanoma

These awards are designed to enhance translational research by extending academic capabilities to clinical investigations and to facilitate interactions between the academic and industrial research sectors. These awards will be co-funded by MRA and an industry partner whose involvement is essential to the project. Investigators with an established record of scientific productivity will receive up to $100,000 per year for two to three years (up to $300,000 total) from MRA to conduct projects supported by preliminary data.

Applications must include a letter of support from the industry partner, which should include at a minimum the following: 1) a description of the total amount of support, clearly indicating the portion that is monetary and/or in-kind, for the full term of the award (which must be at least 50% of the total support for the project); and 2) acknowledgement that if the award is made the industry partner will execute an agreement with the awardee Institution within 90 days. Please visit sponsor website for all details

Application Details:

Principal Investigators (PIs) must hold a full-time faculty appointment at the level of Assistant Professor (or equivalent) or above at an academic or other non-profit research institution within or outside the United States. An investigator may serve as PI on only one proposal submitted to MRA for any of the award mechanisms in this cycle. Multiple applications will be accepted from a single institution, provided that each application has a different PI and represents a distinct hypothesis.

Applicants must utilize the proposalCENTRAL on-line application tool at and the document templates and requirements therein. Please carefully follow the instructions in proposalCENTRAL and at


NOTE: All Letters of Intent and Full Applications must be processed through Research Development & Services for institutional approval. Requests for Institutional approvals should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline. A ROLA Proposal (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean electronic approvals) is required for each submission.
Western Contacts: Kilianski,Louise
Hancock,Jennifer Anne

Sponsor Contacts:

1101 New York Avenue, NW
Suite 620
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
202 336-8935