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Deadline: Dean's: Contact your Faculty Research Office for deadline details.
Internal: Jun 24, 2010
Sponsor's: Jul 07, 2010

Subject Areas: Infrastructure Support

The Ontario Research Fund - Research Infrastructure (ORF-RI) program ensures that Ontario's publicly funded research institutes continue to have competitive, state-of-the-art infrastructure to engage in world-leading research and technology development. The Small Infrastructure Funding Component of the ORF-RI program assists institutions in attracting, retaining and developing leading researchers by supporting the acquisition and renewal of state-of-the-art research equipment at Ontario's publicly funded research institutes. The ORF will contribute a maximum of 40% towards the total eligible costs, and the research institution is responsible for obtaining at least 60% from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (through the Leaders Opportunity Fund), any private funding partners, and its own resources.

Applications for ORF-RI small infrastructure funds should be submitted to the ORF within three weeks following the corresponding CFI submission date for Leaders Opportunity Fund (LOF) projects. For information on CFI's critical dates, please refer to the Canada Foundation for Innovation web site.

Application Details: Ontario institutions that are eligible to apply to the CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund are also eligible to apply to the Ontario Research Fund for Small Infrastructure Funding. ORF-RI funds the capital costs of acquiring, developing, modernizing and leasing research infrastructure as defined by the CFI. ORF-RI funds the capital costs of acquiring, developing, modernizing and leasing research infrastructure as defined by the CFI.As per email sent by Melissa Gordon, please complete the ORF form and return to her by 24 June 2010. If you have any questions, please contact her directly.
NOTE: Letters of Intent and Full Applications are to be processed through Research Development Services for institutional signatures, and are to be accompanied by a completed RDAF form (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean signatures). Requests for Institutional signatures should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline.
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada