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Internal: Jan 24, 2011
Sponsor's: Jan 31, 2011

Subject Areas: Environmental Management, Disease Treatment, Macromolecules, Nutraceuticals, Crop Science, Informatics, Robotics, Biofuels

OGI's Pre-commercialization Business Development Fund (PBDF) is a unique and useful investment fund that is helping to enable the economic impact of outcomes of genomics and proteomics research projects and technology development. Specifically, it aims to provide early-stage funding as researchers move towards commercial applications and to speed up transfer of products from lab to marketplace.

The PBDF ranks opportunities in terms of the extent to which they meet the following criteria: The investment increases the likelihood of a near-term (i.e., within 24 months), 'next-step' event by offering concrete, definitive milestone(s) and uniquely enables rapid progress towards the marketplace for the outcome(s) of genomics-related technologies. The opportunity forges a partnership between academe and industry. The proposal demonstrates that the PBDF represents a unique funding opportunity for the project. The applicant provides a matching investment in cash or in kind, whether from internal resources or other investors or from granting institutions. The opportunity is of interest to an entity capable of and committed to further commercializing the outcome.

Application Details:

Specific Objectives: Create economic results from genomics and proteomics research; Support scientific entrepreneurs; Broker partnerships between academe and industry; and Generate returns for future PBDF investments. For consideration by the PBDF, the project or opportunity must involve genomics, proteomics, or associated technologies and fall in the proof-of-principle (validation) phase of research. The fund will look for a balance of best science with the best opportunity and will consider opportunities where genomics or proteomics are or have been key enabling components. In addition, the project must be novel and innovative.

Please send electronic copy of the completed form to: No later than close of business January31, 2011.


NOTE: Letters of Intent and Full Applications are to be processed through Research Development Services for institutional signatures, and are to be accompanied by a completed RDAF form (bearing applicant, Chair and Dean signatures). Requests for Institutional signatures should be received no less than 3 days prior to the posted Sponsor deadline.
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